Moto Earbuds - Slate

Moto Earbuds - Slate

Motorola Earbuds are designed to sound amazing without shutting out the world around you. So you can wear them comfortably on the go for hours at a time. And even switch to a call in the middle of a song using the built-in mic. Choose from several different colors to match your style.


With larger drivers and a bass port that’s built right into the stem, Motorola Earbuds deliver deep audio in a surprisingly small package. So your favorite songs always sound their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maintain my Motorola Buds?

We highly recommend periodically cleaning ear cushions to ensure that sound can flow freely from the device into your ear. Also, you should touch each earbud to the stem when you’re not listening to music, or when you need to store your headset.

What is micro-adjustability and how do I make it work?

Each person’s ear anatomy is unique. That means that getting a good seal in the ear can be difficult if designed for one size fits all. The ear tip on Buds actually swerves when pressure is applied to it. What this means is that when the bud is placed into your ear, it makes very slight adjustments to locate itself in the proper direction for your ear canal. This is great for fit and stability, it helps improve the quality of the seal to the ear and as a result helps to increase the quality of the sound. The best thing about it is that you do not have to actually do anything to make this work for you. Just put it in the ear and let the buds do all the work.

Can I work out with my Motorola Buds?

This device is not made for working out and is not water resistant. As a result you should keep your Motorola Buds away from moisture.

How do I determine if my computer has Bluetooth Compatibility?

Look for the Bluetooth icon in your system tray. If you do not see that icon, you may have to unhide it or try hitting the FN+F5 key.
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