Cellular MultiSensor

This six-in-one Cellular-connected MultiSensor senses and reports temperature, humidity, water leaks, vibration/earthquakes, light level, and power loss. The built-in cellular modem reports to a secure Internet storage site and to your smartphone or Web browser. Protects your residence, second home, garage, storage area, RV and more.

Uses a dedicated cell plan ($5/month). No WiFi, fixed broadband, or phone line needed.


The Cellular-connected MultiSensor records and reports temperature, humidity, water leaks, acceleration/earthquakes, light level, power loss and more. Readings are reported to your smartphone or browser. When needed, alarms are sent by automated phone calls, text and e-mail to multiple recipients. A 40+ hour backup battery supports continued operation when AC power is lost, and a built-in cell modem, $5/month cell plan and private online storage for the history of readings complete the package.


The MC4000 MultiSensor is a high-performance, low-cost way to monitor and protect an apartment or condo, a second home, RV, car, or boat. You can set alerts so you and up to 11 other people are notified when an alarming condition occurs, such as extreme temperature or humidity, power loss, or water on a floor. The MC4000 has an integrated cellular modem, backup battery, and $5/month cell/cloud plan to provide a powerful, flexible and portable way to protect your property


The MC4000 can be a primary monitoring device and can also back up other systems that rely upon electrical power, fixed broadband connection or a phone line. Because the MultiSensor works for 40 hours without AC power and uses cellular service, MultiSensor alerts and condition reports are sent when other systems are disabled.


Temperature - to help prevent frozen water pipes and safeguard pets or equipment
Humidity - to guard against mold that can damage your home or health
Water leaks - to detect water on the floor when a pipe, water heater, or sump pump breaks. A remote water (flood) sensor is provided with a five-foot cord.
Power loss - to monitor an electrical outlet, and alert you when power is lost
Light level - to track a change in light intensity, showing for instance that an elder did not turn on a light when expected, or a storage area light came on
Acceleration - to sense earth tremors or equipment movement


The MultiSensor comes with secure Internet storage where a 90-day history of sensor readings is maintained. The privacy and security of your monitored location is secured by cellular encryption, a unique X.509 certificate and TLS.


The MultiSensor uses a leading cellular data provider and works no matter whether your smartphone uses AT&T, Verizon, or some other smartphone cell service. Signing up for the low-cost MultiSensor service is easy using the MultiSensor smartphone app or a Web browser.

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