A no-bark collar with three correction modes


The Motorola SCOUTBARK100 no-bark collar offers instant feedback to your dog to discourage excessive barking. The collar senses the vibration produced by your dog's vocal chords when he barks and delivers a pulse of ultrasonic sound that is outside the range of human hearing. After which you can choose between 9 static correction levels – from very gentle to firm – to match your dog's temperament and personality. The SCOUTBARK100 also allows your pup 5 seconds of free barking to express themselves, making it a fair and consistent approach to limiting excessive barking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my dog need to continue wearing the Pet Collar Unit?

Once your dog is trained and has been obeying the boundaries, it does not have to continue to wear the Pet Collar Unit. However, you can consider reinforcing the training with the Pet Collar Unit from time to time.

Will my dog stop barking completely?

No. The No-Bark Collar was specifically designed to reduce or discourage excessive barking behavior, but not eliminate barking all together.

What is meant by static correction?

We have all received a static shock at some point in our lives, such as when we walk barefoot across a carpeted floor and feel a small shock after touching a doorknob. Static shock does not hurt, but it does startle us.

Will the No-Bark Collar be effective on my dog?

• There are many reasons for excessive barking - your dog may be lonely, hungry, cold or hot or simply alerting you to people or animals on your property. The No-Bark Collar is best used on dogs whose needs are well fulfilled and bark excessively at everything that moves. • The No-Bark Collar may not work on dogs that have hearing problems or are suffering from hearing loss.
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