Alexa, hello

Alexa built-in

Welcome to
Motorola Home

Have peace of mind from anywhere
in the world. Let cutting edge
Motorola products enhance your
life every step of the way.
Enjoy bright calls
while at home
All the essential calling features
you would expect from a modern
Motorola cordless phone.
A state of the art
smart nursery
A new series of connected and
smart Motorola products for
modern families.
Access the world
from your home
No matter where you are, the
Motorola MG7550 cable modem
has the best Wi-Fi.
Emergency alerts
for your home
Be prepared and wake up with a
Motorola weather radio, an essential
to begin your day.

Shop Home & Office Phone

Introducing our new range of wireless home telephones with Alexa built-in. With Tap-to-Talk, enjoy high definition conversations over the landline and to other Alexa devices – just say "Alexa, call Dad."

Buy Motorola Home and Office Phones

Shop Baby Monitors

See and hear your child while you’re home or away with a Motorola baby monitor. Control what you see with your smartphone, and record those precious moments to share with loved ones.

Buy Motorola Baby Monitors

Shop Modems & Networking

Motorola is the leading brand of cable modems for over 20 years, choose the one that is right for you.

Buy Motorola Cable Modems and Wireless Routers

Shop Chargers & Power Banks

Get a burst of energy that keeps you going all day. Motorola chargers deliver hours of power in just minutes of charging.

Buy Motorola Cell Phone Chargers and Portable Power Banks

Shop Cases

Confidence on the go with award-winning Motorola accessories. M4DE cases protect your smartphone every step of the way.

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Shop Music & Sound

Motorola Surround wireless earbuds let you listen to music comfortably from morning to night. They deliver powerful HD sound and up to 12 hours of playtime.

Buy Motorola Headphones and Speakers
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